Madison BadDoberan
Madison BadDoberan
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Be Art


About Me

Be Art is my current state of an evolving self consciousness of life experience over time. Be Art interrogates the truth and separates the myth of boundary, investigating aspects of self through a contemporary lens exploiting such timely themes as inequity, inequality, gender, transition and re-birth. Be Art presents this reality to the initiate and un-initiate, alike for introspection, self-examination and awareness without judgment or bias, simply as a matter of factual existence. The act of painting is a journey of honesty, confrontation and examination of the ties which bind one to this world. Through this act, a dance ensues of which object and self inform the other.


1990-1994 UNFAM ART The unfamiliar Artist co-founder of local art cooperative St Paul MN

1999-2010 Carmella Gallery Bellevue, WA

05/2011 BrianArt Prudential Building Pioneer Square, The Art in Architecture, Paintings and Discourse.

06 -10/2011, 619 Building, Goldshoe Studios, Seattle WA


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